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ProbeLogic's commitment to a strict quality management system ensures a reliable and consistent product. By utilizing our advanced and proprietary manufacturing equipment and procedures, ProbeLogic is able to deliver superior quality probe cards, PCBs, and equipment that exceed our customer's expectations.

To eliminate any opportunity for errors, we follow a strict protocol for every project. Each order is reviewed by our engineers, designers, and support staff in order to ensure that they completely understand the projects before it is even started. ProbeLogic also has a stringent “100% Tested” policy to ensure each probe card passes every step of our quality assurance process.


Once a project is completed, it is sent to our final quality assurance engineers where it is reviewed visually and electrically before being shipped.

ProbeLogic utilizes Applied Precision’s Precision Point™ VX3 and Precision Point™ VX2 Probe Card Analyzers which allow us to test cards up to 1500 I/O and up to 10,000 total probes.

Every ProbeLogic project is evaluated at each step of the process and the customer is made aware of this through our ProbeLogic Final Inspection Form prior to shipping.