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About ProbeLogic

ProbeLogic has quickly proved itself to be the premier probe card and service oriented company for the semiconductor industry. ProbeLogic is headquartered in the Silicon Valley and is in close proximity to many major semiconductor companies. ProbeLogic also has global capabilities through alliance with ProbeLeader, Taiwan; Prenma (Asia Pacific), SE Asia; and MicroWorld, France. In early 2006, ProbeLogic, Shanghai, China was established to further increase manufacturing capacity and offer low cost test solutions. ProbeLogic was established on the premise of providing a complete wafer testing solution to the World's semiconductor manufacturers. By developing a complete solution and establishing strategic alliances, ProbeLogic is expanding a company that is catered to meeting customer needs, globally. Along with a complete line of products, ProbeLogic strives to increase probe card performance, while simultaneously decreasing the cost-of-test and lead times to its customers.

ProbeLogic specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of both High Performance Cantilever Probe Cards (fine pitch, low-k, high pin count, high temperature, multi-DUT) and Vertical Probe Cards (flip chip and multi-DUT) for testing any device our customers may have. Our products are engineered in our state-of-the-art facility using our latest technology advancements and proprietary equipment. In addition, ProbeLogic has a dynamic research and development engineering team focusing on customer needs and future probe card advancements. The innovative ideas, proprietary equipment, and manufacturing processes have made us successful and are making ProbeLogic the vendor of choice among our customers.